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Taking Microsoft Dynamics AX Support to the Next Level through G.R.A.C.E.

Product support is typically reactive and transactional in nature. When an issue is faced, the fault is raised with Technical Support who then address the issue (often in isolation). With typical ERP roll-outs involving customisations and often multiple third party-product extensions, identifying the issue and then addressing it is time consuming and often a 'quick-fix' today might effect another component tomorrow.

What is 'GRACE' ?

Created to address mission-critical support and eliminate the uncertainty involved in product support, all our support services come under the umbrella of GRACE (Governance, Risk and Compliance for the Enterprise).

Under GRACE, SAGlobal collaborates with the customer to perform a risk assessment and evaluation of the customer’s global complexity. Based on this assessment, we then design a tailored support program with the appropriate level of proactive and reactive support along with a service level agreement.

In order to qualify for the GRACE program, SAGlobal will QA your system to move it from an 'un-managed' to a 'managed environment'. The 'Managed Environment' will be supported as part of a support contract and the un-managed segment is kept outside the support contract.

By opting the GRACE model, SAGlobal assumes more responsibility providing global support at optimised operational costs and allowing you to focus on your business


Twin Delivery Models for GRACE: Reactive & ProActive

Reactive Model

By availing this model you, as a client will be ensured the following services:

  • Daily Helpdesk – Troubleshooting
  • Supporting managed and un-managed environment
  • Specific SLA agreements
  • Response / Resolution times
  • Local business hours support
  • Managed environment – fixed cost
  • Un-managed environment – T&M

 These services are managed by off-shore and near-shore or local teams. This is a single-level support and can help you simplify complex support challenges on a day-day basis especially, a few months following a go-live.

Proactive Model

With Proactive Support you are entitled for systems lifetime healthcare cycle that can help in avoiding unplanned downtime:

  • Hotfixes, Service Packs, Upgrades
  • Roadmap upgrades in line with Microsoft’s roadmap
  • SAGlobal asses the above and decides whether it affects your existing environment
  • Recommendation and installation of new service packs periodically
  • Assess objects and see if they are in the managed or un-managed layer as well as pro

*Availability and terms of services vary as per opted support services. For more information, Write to us at info.in@saglobal.com

Covered within GRACE are:

  • Functional & Technical Support - Comprehensive support services on Microsoft Dynamics AX including help desk / 1st level functional support, Level 2 technical support with issue re-creation and customization, handling escalated issues / audits at customer sites on behalf of Microsoft India, and value added services such as onsite visits, out of hours support, and environment support like backup and recovery among others
  • Training - Technical and functional training to IT professionals and organizations looking for Dynamics AX expertise, and post implementation user training services on Microsoft Dynamics AX by Microsoft Certified Business Management Solutions specialists

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