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AX Escalations & Project Turnarounds

The storyline might unfold as follows: You commit to a major investment in the form of a multiyear ERP project that places huge demand on management time and business resources. Other business change initiatives are either put on hold or depend on the ERP project. The project then falls behind schedule, costs increase (scope creep or excessive customization), or the systems integrator or Partner underdelivers.

When an ERP project starts to spiral out of control, it is imperative to quickly understand what is really going wrong and what needs to be done. For example, delaying the rollout to address possible business risks may result in cost overruns and clash with project team and SI incentives. Canceling the project could lead to an immediate financial write-off that impacts shareholders, yet continuing to spend money does not make business sense. Instead, the right course of action is often to remain calm, stay the course, and tightly manage the project. Many ERP projects have successfully powered through difficult times.

Failed ERP Implementation Project Turnaround

SAGlobal has long been the go-to Partner for Microsoft to turn around implementations that are in trouble. Over the two and a half decades of working on enterprise solutions, we know that successful projects require more than just software resellers - more than Partners who have sold the most. They need Partners with a great track record of successful implementations. They require business process consultants, change management experts, certified project managers, experienced integration and customization engineers, high-value quality analysts, and reliable and responsive support teams.

Unfortunately, too many companies end up working with a software reseller instead of a true consulting partner that can manage the people, process, and technology changes through to successful outcomes.

If you're facing issues in Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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