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Microsoft Dynamics AX Features

  • Financial Managment Solutions, Accounting, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable/Payable, Fixed Assets

    Take charge of your firm’s financial performance with a comprehensive financial management and accounting software platform. Microsoft Dynamics AX can address the financial management requirements of even the most complex multi-company and multi-national organizational structures.

    And since our financial accounting modules are tightly integrated with the project management modules, your employees enter data once, you quickly see transactions flowing throughout the system, and your visibility is immediately improved.

    Key features in the Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial Management Solution include:

    • General Ledger with an unlimited number of companies and currencies
    • GL Budgeting functionality for managing your departmental budgeting and planning process
    • Cash & Bank Management for managing an unlimited number of bank accounts
    • Accounts Receivable functionality including billing, collections, and cash application
    • Accounts Payable management for 2-way/3-way matching and processing vendor payments
    • Fixed Asset management to track the lifecycle of your fixed assets
    • Online consolidations for rolling your entities into a consolidated reporting structure
    • Financial Reporting tools to help you assess the financial performance of your overall organization, as well as any business units, practices, market segments, office locations, or other reporting dimensions

    Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Financial Management Organizational Reporting
    Effectively manage your financial operations with a comprehensive view of your financial data and flexible processes that adapt to the way your business works.
    (Click image to enlarge)

  • International Capabilities, Multiple Companies, Languages and Currencies, Foreign Localizations

    From its initial development, Microsoft Dynamics AX was designed to meet the complex needs of multi-national organizations. As a true “multi-x” ERP platform, Dynamics AX provides a complete solution for multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language and multi-statutory business environments.

    Easily Manage Your Global Business with Microsoft Dynamics AX

    Ensure that your system supports your international expansion by taking advantage of the following capabilities:

    • Set up an unlimited number of companies (legal entities)
    • Automate Intercompany transactions across company boundaries
    • Utilize an unlimited number of currencies with full multi-currency handling
    • View the screens, reports, and business documents in 40 foreign languages
    • Meet local statutory reporting requirements with out-of-the-box localizations for 40 countries

    AX7 International Capabilities in Chinese Language
    Dynamics AX in Chinese Language
    (Click image to enlarge)

    AX7 International Capabilities Multi Currency Handling
    Utilize an unlimited number of currencies and gain full multi currency handling
    (Click image to enlarge)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions, Contacts, Activities, Opportunities, Campaigns

    Improve your business development activities and meet the needs of even your most demanding clients by maintaining complete visibility of your client and prospect interactions.

    A comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution

    Gain a 360 degree view of your clients and prospects in Microsoft Dynamics AX:

    • Contact management for tracking key information about your contacts
    • Activity tracking for setting reminders for business development tasks
    • Opportunity Management for tracking potential project opportunities and sales
    • Campaign Management to automate the execution of marketing campaigns
    • Case Management for tracking customer and project issues through to resolution
    • Outlook Integration for synchronizing key data with Microsoft Outlook

    AX7 CRM Opportunity Management
    Improve visibility of your clients and prospects with an integrated CRM solution.
    (Click image to enlarge)

    AX7 CRM Opportunity Management Workspace
    Opportunity Management Workspace
    (Click image to enlarge)
  • Project Accounting & Management Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics AX for Professional Services Industry

    Simplify the management of even your most complex projects with a Project Accounting & Management solution that was designed to support your complete project lifecycle.

    Best-in-class project management and accounting functionality

    From the moment you first begin tracking a potential project opportunity, through the final billing and project close processes, our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution can help your firm take control of your projects to maximize project profitability and improve project delivery success.

    Choose from a full lifecycle of Microsoft Dynamics AX project management and accounting features such as:

    • Project Quotations for building accurate proposals for services and resources
    • Project Setup tools such as project templates and project copy wizards
    • Project Budgeting tools for tracking project budgets, revisions, and change orders
    • Resource Management & Scheduling for finding and scheduling the “best fit” resources
    • Purchasing & Requisitions for booking purchased items and services to projects
    • Time & Expense management for entering and approving time and expenses
    • Client Billing tools to help accelerate billing cycles and improve cash flow
    • WIP Analysis tools for analyzing WIP or unbilled revenue
    • Revenue Recognition tools for determining what revenue to recognize and when
    • Project Reporting & Analysis tools for analyzing project and resource performance
    • Project Collaboration tools via SharePoint integration for document management and project team collaboration

    Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Project Management and Accounting
    Project Management Workspace
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Project Management and Accounting work breakdown structure
    Work Breakdown Structure
    (Click image to enlarge)
  • Resourcing Solutions, Scheduling, Management, Track Employee Skill Sets, Real-Time Visibility

    Ensuring that your firm has the right resources with the right skill sets available to deliver your services is a key to successful project delivery. At the same time, maximizing the billable utilization levels of your resources is a critical driver to the overall profitability of your organization.

    Optimize Resource Management and Utilization

    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offers an embedded resource planning module that can help your firm improve its resource management and scheduling practices. Key features include:

    • A skills library for tracking employee skills, certifications, experience, and other attributes
    • A resource search tool that uses the skills database and employee’s availability profile to find and schedule best fit resources
    • Work plans for modelling and forecasting resource requirements for specific projects or at an aggregate level
    • Resource capacity plans for identifying long-term staffing requirements
    • Utilization analysis for slicing and dicing utilization performance by business unit, resource group, practice, and all the way down to individual employees

    AX7 Resourcing Resource Availability
    Improve resourcing practices and increase utilization with an integrated resource
    planning and management solution.
    (Click image to enlarge)

  • Time & Expense Management Solutions, Project Time Entry, Timesheet Workflow/Approvals, Billing Cycle

    The efficient and accurate capture and approval of project time and expenses is a key to shortening your billing cycles and accelerating cash flow back into your business. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers multiple ways to enter and approve timesheets and expense reports to ensure that it’s as fast and easy as possible for your employees to submit their time and expenses. The integrated workflow engine then routes these timesheets and expense reports to Project Managers, Supervisors, or other individuals for their approval.

    Timesheets and expense reports can be entered either via the Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal, which is a browser-based self-service website for employee services, or via mobile devices such as iPhones, Androids, and Windows phones.

    Time Sheet Entry in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Timesheet Entry in Dynamics AX
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Expense Reporting
    Expense Reporting
    (Click image to enlarge)

  • Inventory Management ERP Solutions, Project Accounting, Procurement, Replenishment Planning

    Unlike many project-based software systems that don’t support inventory-related processes, our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution offers a full Inventory Management module. Now, organizations that buy, produce, or sell Items for their projects can have complete control over the planning of their project materials with an inventory management system that is tightly integrated with the Project Management and Accounting modules.

    Integrated Inventory Management for Better Project Control

    Our Dynamics AX ERP solution has a comprehensive Inventory module that can improve control of your inventory management and project costing processes by helping you:

    • Track inventory from purchase or production through shipping
    • Integrate inventory purchasing or production processes with your projects
    • Track inventory at the location, warehouse, or job site level
    • Use standard replenishment rules (including MRP) to manage proper inventory levels

    Inventory Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Use powerful inventory management tools for replenishment planning and to improve visibility of project costs.
    (Click image to enlarge)

  • Purchasing Solutions, Automate Purchase Cycles, Requisitions, Approvals, Receiving, Inventory

    The accurate tracking of purchased items and outside services, and their impact on your project budget, is an important part of managing your projects.

    Take Control of Your Purchasing Processes

    The Dynamics AX purchasing and requisition system can help you automate your firm’s entire purchasing cycle, whether your purchases are for project-related services, products, or operating supplies such as IT systems or office supplies.

    • Enter purchase orders to vendors for project and non-project purchases
    • Use purchase requisitions and approvals prior to creating purchase orders
    • Submit Requests for Quotations (RFQ) to solicit multiple vendor bids
    • Automate approvals and ordering processes using pre-built workflow approvals
    • Tie purchases directly to your projects through tight integration between modules

    Purchase Requisition Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Improve visibility of project purchases with a purchase requisition system that is integrated with your
    accounting and project management modules.
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Purchase Order Preparation Workspace in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Purchase Order Preparation Workspace
    (Click image to enlarge)
  • Human Resource (HR) Management Solutions, Employee Records, Recruiting, Reviews, Training, Payroll

    As a business driven by intellectual property, the management of your human capital is a critical element to the delivery of successful projects and value added client services. Microsoft Dynamics AX offers a comprehensive Human Resource Management module that is part of the core Dynamics AX application.

    Effectively Manage Your Firm’s Human Resources

    Take control of your complete human resource management lifecycle, from recruiting through termination, with a system that can help you:

    • Manage organization structures, jobs, and positions to create your org chart
    • Track employee records such as demographic data and skill sets
    • Approve time off with PTO requests and approvals
    • Streamline the hiring process with a full recruiting system
    • Track employee goal planning and reviews to drive performance improvement
    • Build skill sets and capabilities with competency planning
    • Improve employee skills through internal training course tracking
    • Track employee compensation plans, bonuses, and raises
    • Integrate payroll data bi-directionally with major payroll providers such as ADP, Ceridian, and Paychex

    Human Resource Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Job and Position Organization Chart
    (click image to enlarge)

    HR Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Employee Self Service Workspace
    (click image to enlarge)

    AX7 Human Resource Management
    Manager Self Service
    (click image to enlarge)

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting Solutions, Dashboards, Microsoft SQL Reporting, Excel Integration

    Having up-to-the-minute information about the performance of your business is the key to maximizing the profitability of your firm. By using business intelligence and reporting tools to quickly assess information about your finances, projects, clients, and resources, your employees will gain the insight to make informed business decisions and keep your firm performing at the highest levels.

    Real-time Insight through Self-Service BI & Reporting

    Microsoft Dynamics AX leverages powerful Microsoft SQL Server-based reporting and analytics technologies to provide an integrated BI and reporting solution. In addition to using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to deliver traditional reports, Dynamics AX leverages SQL Server Analysis Services to provide 15 pre-built data cubes for performing more interactive and multi-dimensional analyses of your business.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX offers the following tools for reporting and business intelligence:

    • Hundreds of standard SSRS reports spanning all areas of the system
    • Integration with Excel for accessing data and generating pivot tables for ad hoc analysis
    • 15 pre-built data cubes, delivered using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) technology
    • Roughly 200 pre-built Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for tracking key performance metrics
    • Use of SQL Server PowerView technology for powerful visualization and graphical exploration

    Business Intelligence & Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Project Management Dashboard
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Financial Management BI & Reporting in Dynamics AX7
    Financial Management Dashboard
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Human Resource BI & reporting in Dynamics AX7
    Human Resources Dashboard
    (Click image to enlarge)

    Opportunity Analysis Dashboard
    Opportunity Analysis Dashboard
    (Click image to enlarge)

  • Compliance Management Solutions, Internal Controls, Track Risks, Business Process Documentation

    Today’s business environment requires that many organizations address complex regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley Compliance, ISO Certifications, Government Audits, and other mandated compliance initiatives. With Microsoft Dynamics AX, maintaining your internal controls environment is no longer a hassle.

    A One-Stop-Shop for Enterprise Risk & Compliance Management

    Microsoft Dynamics AX includes a series of tools to help your organization address its compliance requirements. Utilizing the integrated Microsoft SharePoint platform, our compliance management solution includes features to help your firm:

    • Store and access all compliance related information in a single place
    • Model internal controls to define accountability and segregation of duties
    • Define and track risks to your internal controls
    • Easily generate business process documentation
    • Store and manage business documents including business process documentation
    • Access audit trail reports and audit workflow routines
    • Monitor progress towards your compliance goals using graphical indicators

    Compliance Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX
    Compliance Segregation of Duties Rules
    (Click image to enlarge)

  • Workflow Management Solutions, Automate Key Business Processes, New Project Requests, Budget Updates

    Automating key business processes helps to ensure your processes conform to industry best practices and that key business tasks aren’t falling through the cracks. Microsoft Dynamics AX utilizes an embedded workflow engine built on Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation technology to automate the creation, routing, and approval of critical information within the context of your key business processes.

    Automate Notifications and Approvals for Key Processes

    While literally any business process can be encapsulated within a workflow, common examples of standard workflow templates include:

    • New Project Requests to request and approve new projects that need to be setup
    • Project budget revisions for approving changes to the project budget
    • Timesheet approvals for routing and approving timesheets
    • Expense approvals for routing and approving expense reports
    • Draft invoice proposals for approving pro forma invoices before they are sent out
    • PTO approvals for routing and approving PTO requests

    Workflow Expense Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Quickly create workflows using pre-built workflow templates for key processes.
    (Click image to enlarge)

  • Effective project team collaboration is a key to successful project delivery. Microsoft Dynamics AX makes it simple to manage project documents and collaborate with project team members using the pre-built integration with Microsoft SharePoint.

    Efficiently Manage Documents and Project Communications

    Microsoft SharePoint has quickly become the de facto industry standard for document management and collaboration platforms. Using the tight integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX and SharePoint, you can now enable a whole new world of project collaboration capabilities.

    • Automatically spawn new project team sites in SharePoint when new projects are created in Dynamics AX.
    • Centralize the storage of project-related documents using SharePoint’s native document management capabilities.
    • Utilize project calendars, task lists, and issues logs to communicate project information to project team members.
    • Collaborate on project deliverables using embedded document sharing features and collaboration workspaces.
    • Use discussion boards, wikis, and other features to communicate and share ideas.

    Project Collaboration Integrated SharePoint in Microsoft Dynamics AX7
    Improve project team collaboration with Microsoft Dynamics AX and SharePoint.
    (Click image to enlarge)

Microsoft Dynamics AX Overview, Benefits & Deployment Models

  • Services-driven organizations face unique challenges not encountered in other industries. Having intelligent tools that help you manage critical financial resources, effectively sell and deliver project-based services, manage valuable human capital, and quickly react to changing client needs can be the difference between success and failure.
    For services firms that require an adaptable and easy-to-use business system that was purpose-built for their industry, SAGlobal offers the Microsoft Dynamics AX Service Industries ERP solution, along with our vertical-specific extensions – Projects+.
    Our Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solution for Advertising & Marketing Communications Agencies is designed to:
    • Enable complete visibility across your business
    • Streamline key job costing and time/expense management processes
    • Gain valuable insight into the performance of your clients, jobs, resources, and finances

    Read more

  • Microsoft Dynamics enterprise resource planning (ERP) software gives your people the tools they need to connect and manage your entire project-based business, from project planning and project resourcing and from billing to operations, with the insight you need to make smart decisions. Start with what you need now and easily adapt as your needs change, in the cloud or on your servers—the choice is yours. Microsoft Dynamics AX can provide business value to your organization to help you to:
    • Improve productivity: Familiar tools, easy to use, and access to jobs and information on Custom Profile allows people to work quickly and make smart and proactive decisions.
    • Manage change and growth: Adjust the business systems and adapt processes easily with a single ERP solution that can support your strategic initiatives and help manage the change in the market, for example, in new product launches, mergers and acquisitions.
    • Compete globally: Perform the complexities of managing a global organization with a centralized ERP solution that helps standardize processes and gain visibility in your organization while keeping updated with changes in local regulations.
    • Simplify compliance: Stay up to date on legal compliance and reduce risk and liability associated with the administration and business initiatives for clients. Get more information on how to simplify compliance with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

    Read more

  • Deployment Models
    The new Microsoft Dynamics AX offers unmatched flexibility to deploy the system in your on-premise data center, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model, all with a single unified code base.
    • Dynamics AX In the Cloud
    • Dynamics AX On-Premise
    • Dynamics LifeCycle Services and the Intelligent Cloud

    Read more

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