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Omnicom wanted a single accounting system for all their global offices and the choice of an accounting system was a very strategic decision for a firm like theirs - Video Case Study

Omnicom Group, Inc is a global advertising, marketing and corporate communications company, providing professional services to clients through multiple agencies around the world. Omnicom’s primary objective was to create and partner with a provider of accounting ERP system.

Omnicom had disparate set of accounting systems installed in their offices around the word. They realised that over a long period of time they were going to be far better off if they had a much more common platform. The choice of an accounting system was a very strategic decision for a firm like theirs and that’s when they chose to go with SAGlobal as their partner and Dynamics AX as the right accounting software. They chose to go with Dynamics AX as it was very scalable, it continued to grow as their user base grew. It was very extensible, as it allowed them to deploy the solution globally and ensured to meet the agencies’ individual needs.

Watch this video and see that what the top executives from Omnicom had to say about choosing Dynamics AX ERP as their global accounting software.

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